Keith has been a hard-working, dedicated and knowledgeable resource and flexible enough in approach and spirit to teach two very different students. He is patient, organized and in tune with his environment such that he was able to place whatever he was teaching in the appropriate context. I have to admit that sometimes I would find my way into the room where he was working just to hear his calm and clear explanations. I happily referred him to many of my peers who also found him to be outstanding to work with.
​-Jill, parent

I am very pleased to recommend Josh Sohn as a tutor. Josh tutored our two daughters from middle school up through their high school graduations, both with great success. Since my husband and I were not familiar with the U.S. school system – and especially with the college application process – we needed someone to guide us. Josh was a fabulous help! He made the transition from middle school to high school easy, developing an excellent (and unique) rapport with both the girls and us, the parents. He spared no time and effort (I remember clearly sessions early Saturday mornings) and he always demonstrated a deep, genuine passion for knowledge. His willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons with innovative strategies and generally push the girls towards even greater levels of achievement was truly something to behold. He was also in contact with the girls’ teachers, maintaining a harmonious dialogue with them. Sessions with Josh were focused and kind – often with classical music in the background! He was always patient and observant and helped the girls overcome doubts and fears, particularly in the realm of testing. In the end, both of our daughters felt confident and ended up extremely well prepared for their SAT, SAT II’s and AP’s.Today both of our daughters are happily pursuing their studies at competitive universities in the Northeast – one is in international affairs in Washington DC and the other one in business school in Connecticut.
​- Nadine, parent

I like working with Amy because, not only is she kind, but she challenges me by gradually adding on new material at a pace that I can understand. She helps me in multiple subjects including geography, social studies, vocabulary, and math. She also gives me practice quizzes that help prepare me for tests I take in school. She communicates with my teacher so she knows exactly the areas I need to work on during our sessions.
- Julia, student

My 11 year old daughter enjoys having a one on one tutoring session with Amy. Amy enters our home in a good mood, and is responsible, engaging, and intelligent.  As a parent, it is wonderful to see them working quietly and productively. I also appreciate that Amy sends me an email with a summary of what was worked on after each session.
- Julia’s mom

Josh saved us! When we originally hired him, it was to help Diane prepare for an algebra exam. Within weeks, Josh was working with Diane in all of her subjects from AP US History to Psychology. That Spring, Josh adeptly guided us through the treacherous ACT/SAT process. His extraordinary patience and broad expertise coupled with his raw determination to make the difficult material understandable was truly remarkable. I would happily recommend to him to anyone looking for a super-tutor.
- Michael, parent

SR Tutors

SR Tutors