Joshua Adjei
​Senior Tutor

Josh is a current medical student at the
Weill Cornell Medical School. He graduated
from Cornell University with a degree in
Biological Sciences and concentrated in
Neurobiology and Behavior. He's worked with a number of academic assistance groups including the Advancement Via Individual Determination High School Program and the Cornell University Learning Strategy Center. He's tutored a broad range of subjects including all levels of math, the SAT/ACT and the physical/biological sciences.

Amy Ellingson

Senior Tutor

Since graduating from Wellesley College
with a degree in French, Amy has worked
as a high school math teacher and literary
​magazine editor.  She is currently enrolled at
​Columbia University's PostBac Pre-Med Program.  Her broad educational and professional background has allowed her to tutor a wide range of subjects, and her teaching experience has made her a hit with our students.

Keith Romer


A graduate of Amherst College and
a former Thomas J. Watson Fellow,
Keith Romer has been tutoring in
New York City for 15 years.  In that
time Keith has worked with students
​from most of New York's top private and public schools, making him well versed in the wide range of curriculums and expectations students face. Keith is also the creator of the SR Tutors ACT Prep program, our student-focused plan for standardized test mastery.

Josh Sohn


Brooklyn native Josh Sohn is a 
graduate of Stuyvesant High
School and Wesleyan University.
He's been tutoring in and around
New York City since 2001 and has
​taught everything from AP English to BC Calculus. In 2005, following the last SAT redesign, Josh developed his own SAT curriculum, which he has since used with over 500 students. In 2013, Josh launched his first Concert Window Test Prep presentation.


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